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You've Got Magic! New Children's book for everyone's inner child

Updated: May 12, 2021

Click here to read about my new book for kids.

Greetings! Although this looks like a small scale project, it has meaning for me personally and spiritually. It really came together rather "magically" (!!), and I got the unofficial blessing from the people whose ideas inspired me.

The text in the book is potent stuff. Its the distillation of 30 years of working on myself at a deep personal level. It’s not just some superficial Pollyanna, unicorns and rainbows project!

But only a few will get that when they have the book in their hands. It's about getting really present. Slowing down.... If you allow the text and the images to settle into your whole being, flesh and blood and all, beginning with the first sentence and focussing at the top of your head, then moving down the body as each phrase settles in, you will feel your anxiety lessen and you will remember what is real and true about the world. This really is an intelligent, wise, abundant, benign universe, and we are all co-creators with it, every moment of every day. I recite the original phrases that inspired me to write this book before I go to sleep, particularly if I sense that I'm getting caught up in fear and all of the limiting beliefs about us all being alone and separate. We're not orphans, though we often feel as if we are, myself included. I hope this book will be balm to your body and soul. Each page is a stage on the Path of Return in the Tree of Life. So it is a complete set. Try it. It really works! And your kids will love it too. They haven't forgotten their wisdom - they were connected not that long ago to the great beyond... One 5 year old, daughter of an engineer and an architect, told me that the book reminded her of Charley Mackesy's The Boy, The Mole, The Fox and The Horse. I told her: "Emily, that's just about the nicest thing anyone has ever told me! How does it remind you of that wonderful book?" She replied, simply "Because they're both about LOVE!"..... We all need this reminder, more than ever. If we ground ourselves in love, we'll trust others, help one another, be brave, do the right thing, create better ways... innovate, collaborate, imagine a better world... I hope you will feel inspired to be more of your Whole Self after you read it. Thank you for visiting my blog. Cx

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