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My new Children's Book is with the Printers!

Updated: May 5, 2021

It is done. I've written a children's book! It's been a long time coming. I'd say it's been brewing for ... 50 years... Certainly it's been incubating for a decade or two... I feel like the Bamboo shoot that is showing above ground after years of underground growth. Literally. All the personal growth I've ever done has come to fruition. It's exciting, and at the same time, I feel sort of normal about it. Like a part of me is saying "Of course! It's time!".

I hope it's the first of many... I have more ideas... I loved the process and learned a lot. A LOT! I enjoyed interviewing kids, parents, teachers, more kids, book store owners, published children's book authors, .... It has really been fun!

Next time, some things will be even smoother, like the illustration process. And the printing process. We've already discussed it, and she is game to do it again! Which means that she's not sick of me, my messages, and my edits! She was amazingly intuitive, and was literally like my right hand, if it could draw better! I was frustrated that I couldn't do the illustrations myself, but I knew this sweet little book could be so much better if I collaborated with an artist who had some actual skills... She'd tell you that she's not really an artist, though she always wanted to do a kid's book.... Visual art is in her DNA though. Clearly. Her mother is a painter, a really good one. Rachel is a dancer and an entrepreneur. But being a dancer, I imagine, is what actually enabled her to intuit what I was envisioning as the images for my words. She must have used all of her senses, including her sixth one. She asked me to send her a list of image descriptions for the text, and some examples of the kind of art I was picturing.... So I did. I knew exactly what I wanted. I knew I wanted her daughter to be the basic model for the protagonist, and we only really chatted for an hour or two in total. And she got it right! She KNEW, from listening to me, from her emotional intelligence, from her body... Her kinesthetic intelligence... I am in awe of how she took what was in my mind's eye and in my words and drew.... the most beautiful images... Everyone says so, so far... I hope you love it as much as we do! I'll tell you more when we are close to releasing it for sale. Still a few things to do... Some research on costs, pricing, setting up payments here with PayPal, .... We're almost there!

Until then...

Stay well, everyone... Follow your dreams... and maybe dance a little.... ; - )

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