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Resilience Coaching

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“In order for us each to awaken to our individual purpose, we have to let down our defenses. When we do, we become more present to our thoughts, emotions and bodies. To be aware in this way is to be empowered, to be grounded in the earth’s life force, and to be more naturally connected to one another. Once aware of the emotional and energetic realms, learning becomes embodied knowing. Moreover, an expansion takes place in our minds and hearts, enabling us to feel the connection we have always had, to what eco-psychologists call the ‘web of life’. One’s true purpose is aligned with this universal support system.” —Catriona O’Curry

Catriona works with individuals, couples, and families using a Systemic Lens. This involves looking at how all of your relationships affect you.

Groups & Trainings

I'm an experienced Group Facilitator and Trainer. My material can be tremendously empowering for lay people and professionals. It has the potential to change my clients from the inside out and empower them to become effective change agents.


As a body/mind/spirit teacher, I often support clients by bringing their awareness to their physical hearts. As we become aware of where we hold emotions, we begin to lead our lives with more mastery. I enjoy working with couples, women, children, teens and young adults, helping them to find more space for creativity, joy, and self-acceptance.

Emotional Intelligence Trainings:

I offer Emotional Intelligence Training, conflict Resolution, and Communication trainings for your staff. 

I sometimes offer a Women’s Empowerment Group.

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Services and Fees

My clients pay with Cash a the start of each session or prepay with PayPal. You can email to be invoiced in advance of your scheduled appointment. Please do your best to give me at least 24 hours notice of cancelation. Whenever possible, I will try to reschedule you for an appointment within a day or two of your missed one, but may have to charge you if I am unable to do so.

Coaching sessions: €75 per hour.

Organisational Consulting fees €150-200 per hour.


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