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My name is Catriona O'Curry and I'm a Group Facilitator and Trainer. I aim for my material to be empowering for both lay people and professionals. It serves to change students from the inside out and empowers them to be effective change agents.

My professional development began as a Therapist and Women’s Group Facilitator in Seattle. In 1995 I received my Masters in Applied Behavioural Science, with an emphasis on Systems Counseling, from The Leadership Institute of Seattle, then a part of Bastyr University. (Bastyr is the number one alternative medicine University in the world, famous for it’s programs in Acupuncture and Naturopathic medicine, as well as its huge government research grants for Cancer and Aids). I practiced as a Psychotherapist until 2008. Since then I have focused on running Leadership Groups. I taught Interpersonal communication and Cross Cultural Psychology, among other subjects, at community Colleges in Washington and Arizona states.

As a mind/body student and teacher, my goal is to empower my clients by bringing their awareness to the level of the body. As we become more aware of where we hold emotions in our bodies, we can begin to lead our lives with more mastery. I enjoy working with couples, women, children, teens and young adults on their personal power.

In 2021 I published my first book, "You've Got Magic".

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Catriona doesn’t resolve your issues for you—she helps you clear essential paths that have been obstructed, by others and by you, and gives you the space to make your individual and spiritual progress. She is totally present and intuitive when working and is able to “cut to the chase,” even when you might want to “take the long way home.” My life is richer and fuller and healthier from my work with Catriona.

— Dian

Catriona came into my life when I was most desperate for help. Through her womens' circle and retreats I found the courage to start my life anew at the age of 60. By participating in her group work I not only healed my emotional body but also found relief from my physical pain. I am forever grateful for Catriona’s insight and wisdom.

— Jeanne

I was a client of Catriona’s in Seattle circa 1998, when an event triggered a deep depression. I was in unbearable emotional pain, not knowing how to go on with my life, sheltered and afraid. From my first session with Catriona, I felt an immediate comfort, as if she had already known me for sometime. I found she really understood me, in a way nobody had before. Catriona gave me real physical tools to create the change I desperately needed, and at the pace I needed. Through Catriona’s guidance in individual and women’s group sessions, I became a person much more tolerant of myself, confident, grounded, and engaged in my life. Over time, I felt healed from this event. Actually, I felt more than healed; I was stronger than I had ever been. Several years passed, and in 2007 I sought Catriona’s guidance again. Over the last 2 years I have attended Catriona’s women’s group retreats and have found even more ways to evolve and continually create the life I want to live. I cannot imagine anyone else being able to guide me through these life changes with such elegance and wisdom. Simply put, Catriona has saved my life in many ways.

— Jennifer (O.T., Seattle)

Ten years ago, I discovered Catriona in a holistic directory in Seattle and little did I know, when I made that first phone call, I was about to embark on an amazing journey of self-transformation and healing that would lead to the awakening of my heart and truest Self. To this day, she continues to inspire me on my life path and her insights from 20 years ago still carry teachings. Catriona has helped me to liberate myself and for that, I am eternally grateful! In the words of John O’Donohue: If you could imagine the most incredible story ever, it would be less incredible than the story of being here… It takes us so long to see where we are. It takes us even longer to see who we are. This is why the greatest gift you could ever dream is a gift that you can only receive from one person. And that person is you yourself. Therefore, the most subversive invitation you could ever accept is the invitation to awaken to who you are and where you have landed.

— Shawna (Portland, OR.)

Catriona approaches her practice in a grounded, collaborative and honest manner. I’ve had the privilege of knowing and working with her for 20 years now and have been known to travel significant distances to take part in her wonderful women’s retreats! I’ve always known Catriona to pursue her own “personal work” which is integral to the work we’ve done together. This creates a powerful sense of trust and compassion that is hard to come by in a therapist. The US’s loss is Ireland’s gain, for sure. Catriona has left an indelible mark on my life.

—Yana, Seattle.